Local Marketing Starter Pack

This marketing package will give your business everything you need to start getting leads independently for your business without having to pay for advertising every single month. This marketing package is perfect for any contractor who’s looking to build a stable marketing foundation for his company. We will give your business all the necessary tools to start getting leads online and keep getting leads for years.

All 3 elements work together and help your business get leads independently on Google.

The strategy is simple, yet so effective...

A lot of people use Google to find remodelers and various other types of contractors.

By showing up high on Google when people search for your services, you can get your business in front of people that are interested in your services.

These people can then give you a direct call from Google or they can go to your website to get more information and then fill out the contact form there to contact you.

Who is this package for?

The Local Marketing Starter Pack is perfect for businesses that are looking for a reliable way to start getting leads without having to consistently keep paying for advertising, buying cheap leads online or to keep depending on referrals to bring in new work.
The Local Marketing Starter Pack is not going to bring your business 100s of leads per month, we are marketers, not magicians.

But it will help your business start getting up to a few dozen leads per month from your Google Business Profile and your website.

Ask yourself these questions:

If you answered with “no” to at least 2 of these questions, then this package is perfect for your business. Fill out the contact form and let’s talk about it.

What kind of leads our clients get?

See Our Client Results

These are the results we get for our clients by building them a new website and by optimizing the new website and client’s Google Business Profile for SEO.

Remodeler in Texas

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HVAC Contractor in NC

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Contractor in Florida

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Landscaper in Virginia

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Want to see more? We got you!

If you would like to see more results of our completed projects and what kind of leads we get through Google, click on the link below!

Step-by-Step Process

Building a new website

Our team will build a brand new, beautiful website for your company that’s going to answer any questions and objections your potential customers might have so that when they compare your company to your competitors, you will be an obvious choice.

Optimizing website for SEO

Once the website is built and you are satisfied with the design, we are going to complete initial SEO optimization of your website and Google Business Profile so that your company can show up high on Google when people search for your services.

Google Business Profile

Once the process is completed, you will start showing up higher on Google and you will start getting leads. We will connect your new website with your Business Profile that will also help your Google Business Profile show up high on Google as well.

When are you going to stop getting leads?

Unless Google goes out of business, the answer is never. Once you have a beautiful website that’s optimized for SEO and connected to your Google Business Profile, you will still be high on Google long after the project is completed. However, as time goes on, your competition will most likely increase, that’s why we recommend that you keep getting reviews so that your Google Business Profile can stand out and keep the momentum that we built with the Local Marketing Starter Pack.
This infact, is the biggest benefit of doing SEO compared to any other marketing method. With any other marketing method, for example Facebook Ads, you will immediately stop getting leads as soon as you stop paying, with SEO however, the entire system is in your hands: you own the website and the Google Business Profile, we just help you build the system so that it can start getting leads.

Ready for more leads?

Even if you’re not ready to work with us at the moment, feel free to fill out the contact form and we will be happy to give you free advice on how to start getting free leads for your business.